Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Vacuum Cleaner-Sweden-UKIP

A Comment from the DM on the Vacuum Cleaner Fiasco

perhaps the day will come when our experts can start saving energy by looking at the daily wastage we have in the EU already without the stupidity of making out we are going to save energy by a vacuum cleaner, Point one, It means the vacuuming will need doing twice. point, two. Britain will be the only country in the EU that will conform to these stupid rules. The British are the idiots once again for EU rulings that have been ignored by the rest of Europe. Remember the EU ruling for Champagnes? Go to Spain and see what you get. Remember the rules with the optic measures, go to France and Spain and see what you get. I can take you 50 yards' from where I live and the equivalent of 500 vacuum cleaners energy is being wasted daily. Wake up Brtiatin

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It seems the establishment Press as well do not like UKIP Now they accuse Farage of hypocracy because his Great Great Grandfather was a German immigrant. Well my mother was German and I also want curb on immigration. The comment from the DM is how I feel

Did he come here to scrounge of us? No, he came to make a positive contribution. In addition, he came from the same Anglo-Saxon Christian culture as the English so fitted in with and accepted our laws and culture. There is a world of difference between him and most of the "asylum seekers" from outside Europe and immigrants from the Balkans to-day who's main aim is to sponge of the UK taxpayers (an exercise in which they are ably assisted by France and Italy).

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