Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Remove Passport

So the Government have come up with idea of confiscating Passports from potential Terrorists and returning Terrorists sound great BUT will it work I doubt it, how long before some disgusting Human Rights Lawyer jumps on the bandwagon and sues the Government. That will not happen well it already has remember the Muslim who was kept in Guantanamo he was awarded a massive amount and do think he was a innocent he very clever greedy Human Rights Lawyer. What needs to be done is for the true Muslims to explain the Quran in easy to understand language because I have read and heard these militants are deliberately distorting their prophet’s words and lets actually look at some of the way they behave.
Take the Hijab this is what The Quran says it admonishes Muslim women to dress modestly and cover their breasts and genitals,[7] but does not specify that women cover their faces or bodies as with the full-body burqa or chador.[
The Burga and Chador are a medieval customs for the subjugation of women and is not a religious one. So why do we allow them in France it is illegal to cover the face why not here? Plus it is illegal subjugate women to slavery or in this case a image of slavery, if I put a dog collar around my wife’s neck and led her with a lead there would be uproar. Some women maintain they willing wear these medieval garments of subjugation that is rubbish they are pressurised into wearing them by custom. The Muslim men’s attitude to non-Muslim women is horrific the recent case up North have proved that.
I expect most Muslims do not believe or practice these medieval ways but if these fanatics, because those that allow this type of dress code are fanatics, will not change then the Government must make them change. We already have laws, which govern the way we behave, and if these medieval throwbacks do not like what we do they should go to a country that has a medieval society.

My main point is that we should not be pussy footing around minority groups just because the establishment is frightened to offend them and be called racist they should adapt to our society again if they do not like it  leave, this way we will curb the thought process that goes to make a Muslim terrorist

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