Wednesday, September 24, 2014

God help us if Miliband become Prime Minister

Can You imagine Miliband as Prime Minister?  Well the way things are going he could be. Yet listen to what he says and some times what he doesn’t say,
 He wants to put £1.5 billion into the NHS but doesn’t tell where the money Is coming from, He wants 16 years olds to have the vote? Kids who have not left School, contributed nothing to society, not old enough to drink Alcohol, not old enough to go to war I could go on, this is gerrymandering at its worse, He agreed with Scotland having a Referendum after 300 years of unity with the UK but refuses us a referendum on the EU after just 50 years of membership, wants more power to the Scots but refuses to allow the English the same right. He appoints women in charge of Pensioners who did not know the cost of a basic Pension.  GOD HELP US IF HE AND HIS PARTY GET INTO POWER I still remember the mess we were left in after the last LABOUR Government

Bold boasts that don't stand up to scrutiny: JAMES SLACK sorts the claims from reality in Ed Miliband's speech 

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