Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Am I talking Rubbish?

This morning I woke to the radio tuned to Radio 4 and I listen to it for about an hour before I rise. BBC is known for its left wing views and bias but I nearly threw the radio out of the window this morning. There was item, which lasted a good 5 minutes telling us how marvellous immigration is and the benefits of immigrants and how they are rescuing the country. There was no balance no one was put forward to tell us the disadvantages of immigration. A statement followed this from the Polish Government that they would block any moves to restrict benefits from immigrants and then came the news we need a million new houses in the UK now I wonder who will get them?

Cameron has made speeches about how he will give us a referendum and how he will restrict immigrants getting benefit for 4 years; well I am sorry I do not believe him. For one I think we will get a Labour /LibDem Coalition and that will mean no referendum as these two parties are completely Europhiles and traitors to the British people but the main reason I do not believe him is the EU will not allow us to do these things.  When we get a Lab/Lib Government they will sign up to a treaty which will make it illegal to have a Referendum. The EU is fast becoming a Dictatorship and if it continues on that way we will see armed insurrection throughout Europe.


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