Monday, December 15, 2014


I was with a couple of friends of mine and the discussion turned to Politics and the private telephone call from a potential UKIP candidate, which was released to the public. First we all agreed that why should a private call be released to the public if that had been a Celebrity all hell would have broke loose.  It seems the words he used were Poof and Chinky, now if you go to any Pub; building sites etc. you will hear much worse. How many time has it been said  “ I am going for a Chinky” i.e. Chinese meal, “just popping down the Paki shop’ going to the corner shop, how many times have you called an Irishman a “Paddy” a Scotsman a “Jock” a Welshman “taffy” or a Londoner a “cockney: as for poof that can mean a homosexual or someone who is feminine or someone who is soft. The Australians call us Poms is that racist? The two words I cannot stand are Nigger and Coon these are really racist terms about Black people yet Black people use these terms. Why I do not know? The point we were all making is that UKIP talks in everyday language rather then the Political Correct speech of the Politicians and Left wing liberals, that is why UKIP is popular amongst the ordinary people of the UK they come across as normal not part of the Political Left wing elite
My friends intend voting UKIP but I hope I have convinced them that if, they like me want to come out of the EU the only way we can do that is to have a Referendum and no matter how much you dislike David Cameron he and the Conservative Party are the only Political Party capable of making a Government that will allow the British Public a say on the matter. A vote for UKIP in a Tory held seat would allow the Labour Party into government and rumours are rife that if they come into power they will make it illegal for the British people to have a referendum on Europe. The next election will focus on the EU and Immigration according to reports Labour will not like that but that is what is going to happen

As someone who detests XFactor and the Jungle thing the comment I found in the newspaper today sums it up beautifully

Angrymanc, Manchester, United Kingdom, 4 minutes ago
Thank god I don't watch this boring programme, but it's annoying that a huge chunk of my weekend viewing was ruined by a programme about talentless egotists sitting there judging a bunch of equally talentless karaoke singers, go to any pub where they have karaoke and you'll see better talent

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