Thursday, December 11, 2014

UK Charity and overseas aid

This time of year we are inundated with Charity Appeals, I always give to Crisis at Christmas most probably the only Charity I donate to through the year and you can see why.

Our Government supported by Labour and LibDems support the Overseas Aid Programme which we, yes we because it is not the Governments money it is the tax payer money it is our money ME and YOU contribute to. Britain's Aid Spending is the biggest in Europe, Foreign aid soared by 28 per cent last year, meaning the UK hit its target of spending 0.7 per cent of GDP on overseas development, that is £10.6 billion. Continual reports come in that the aid is being fraudulent used by corrupt officials we even give aid to India who has its own Space Programme.

I am not saying stop all Aid but I remember some 25 years ago a Zulu chief came to the UK and said stop sending food send tractors and farming implements so we can grow our own food, now this makes sense and I know some of our aid goes to projects like this BUT what about the rest?

Yet British Charities have to beg the public to support them? what ever happened to Charity begins at home. I have to admit I do not trust Charities especially when I look at what they are paying their high level staff, also I do not think Charities should not donate to political parties like RSPCA did some years ago when they donated a large sum to the Labour Party.

In the 21st Century I find it difficult to understand how people in the UK can be homeless hence the reason I donate to Crisis, I also do not believe that people in the UK should be hungry but do not believe in Food Banks. Once you offer something for nothing people will take advantage of it and I know personally of people who used Food Banks when they had sufficient food to feed themselves. Yet after saying that there will be a very very small minority who do need help whether it be just learning how to manage their budget.

BUT WHY the need for a Charity? this help should be given by the Government using our money ie TAXES.

ASK YOURSELF HAS ANY POLITICAL PARTY HAD IN THEIR MANIFESTO ANYTHING ABOUT OVERSEAS AID? Surely we the electorate should have a say in the matter after all it is our money 

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