Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cameron wants an Asian PM and do not say Poof

David Cameron says he wants to see Britain’s first Asian PM in his lifetime as he warns that a lack of diversity is holding the country back
·       Prime Minister spoke at GG2 Leadership Awards for British Asians
·       Culture Secretary Sajid Javid topped power list of the most influential Asians
·       The Bromsgrove MP has been tipped as a potential future Tory leader
Now does this Rich Boy want a Asian Prime Minister is that a Muslim Asian, Buddhist Asian, Hindu Asian, Sikh Asian in charge of a Christian Country? In the UK they are 70% calling themselves Christian 21% say they have no Religion that leaves just 9% who have an alternative religion this is according to the 2010 Government Citizen Survey. Cameron is like all the Political parties leaders Millionaires who have no concept of the man in the street but the Conservatives are the only party who can make a government and have promised to give us a referendum on the corrupt EU in a Conservative seat vote Conservative in a Labour or LibDem seat vote UKIP then you may get a Conservative UKIP Coalition vote UKIP in a Conservative seat and you will get a Labour Government and No Referendum and most probably a United States of Europe

One in three say Farage is RIGHT to claim using 'Chinky' and 'Poofter' is normal language for working class

·       Ukip leader said words used by 'a lot of people' from ordinary backgrounds
·       YouGov poll published today finds 36% did not find 'chinky' offensive 
·       Six out of 10 found ‘poofter’ offensive, while just over a quarter who did not
·       He said candidate Kerry Smith meant no 'malice' or 'evil' with comments
·       Smith had been chosen to stand as candidate in Basildon South seat
·       Referred to 'disgusting old poofters' and a Chinese woman as 'a Chinky'
·       He quit last week, blaming 'prescription medication for a back injury'
I rather like Nigel Farage he speaks as if he knows the ordinary man in the street; I think the poll is wrong as is the other Poll in the article, which says Nigel Farage popularity, has diminished.  I am sorry to say I do not like the Conservatives under Cameron BUT I will vote Conservative because I want a vote on the EU. Yes I know a vote for UKIP will let in Labour which will be a disaster for the Country can you imagine Labour Prime Minister with a deputy Prime Minister from the Scottish Nationals, But I would like to see the smug faces of all those Newspapers, TV pundits and comedians who continual knock him get a kick up the backside if they won say 10 seats. As for Poofters it is wrong for me to call a homosexual a poofter because I am a normal Heterosexual person yet Homosexuals can call themselves Poofs, take the group on the Jonathan Ross show called the 3 Poofs and a Piano, strange world where a very small percentage can govern what the majority think  and what about Black people calling each other Nigger?

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