Saturday, December 13, 2014


When Obama was voted in as President of the USA I thought great a Black President it shows that the US was the Land of opportunity and he would unite the people of the US,. How wrong I was he was just another Tony Blair and made race relations worse in the USA he became Pro Black and Anti White instead of being Pro everyone in the USA. The latest exposure that the CIA tortured terrorist was broadcasted around the World. Why the so called torture has been stopped nearly a decade ago all this has done has made the enemies of the West justify what is happening in places like Syria i.e. all the beheadings are the fault of the West NOT the animals who are doing. Yet it all benefits Obama in trying to make look like a saint and also will help the Democrats in the Presidential Elections.
With regard to the torture the way the lefty liberals are suggesting it was everything was from the rack to pulling finger nails in reality it was water boarding and sleep depravation. Now I am no expert on the subject of Torture. I have always thought it makes the tortured say what you want to here not a very reliable way of getting information, but CIA have said 70% of those tortured give information which has saved thousands of lives. Now I do not know if that is true as I do not know that what the lefty Liberals say is true about it not working, what I do know if you are in the cell next to the person being tortured you think very carefully about whether you will keep silent. The various books I have read on the Special Forces they say everyone breaks eventually it is just a matter of time.
Most of the comments I have seen by ordinary people is that either they do not care or think it is right if lives can be saved

The article below is about the Dictator Mugabe what I can understand is the only time the UK Government have got their foreign policy with intervention since the 1960’s has been the Falklands. Rhodesia under Ian Smith was a safe prosperous country run by the Whites, UK supported Mugabe and his revolution now look where they are? Can you remember how we condemned White South Africa and supported the murdering terrorist Mandela, now look at the Country the murder capital of the World, massive corruption and the people in the Black townships are still poor with inadequate housing on top of that we have Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya all places where we stuck our noses into saying we had to get rid of dictators, how many have died under the dictators compared with the deaths incurred in these insurrection?

EXCLUSIVE: Notorious British criminal and millionaire slum landlord Nicholas van Hoogstraten is bankrolling Mugabe’s ruthless wife ‘Gucci Grace’ to be the world’s first female dictator

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I have read Enoch’s Biography on several occasions and found him an extremely intelligent man, a man who served his country  and his piece on the Rivers of Blood has been totally misrepresented I have included a link for those interested, if had used the word immigrant not Black it would be more acceptable. He was a man of foresight he saw the problems of mass immigration but nobody would listen now we see the results and how what he said has come to fruition

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