Sunday, December 21, 2014

Kangaroo and Zebra

Well last night in Germany so I treated "She Who is to be obeyed" ( Valerie) to a Japanese meal, want to impress since my return from Japan. Normally Val gets my food, I am old fashioned like that, but on this occasion I thought SUSHI, mainly raw fish I asked Val shall I get yours, for some reason she said no. Well I piled my plate high avoided the raw prawns. Any rate got the table started to eat the fish but the sea food was still frozen. so I complained only to told you do not eat it raw but take it to the Mongolian Grill and they cook for you! Well how was I to know? I tried some other dishes had cooked Kangaroo and Zebra had but was a bit jumpy about being so neer boughly, they had run out of crocodile as it was very popular and everyone snapped  it up  I was bit annoyed as everyone was laughing after Val turned round and said typical man

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