Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve Club AGM


Once again the Christmas Eve Club met at the Taste of Portugal where they kept open till 6pm for us. The CEC is a group of friends who have met every Christmas Eve since 1966 when they met at the Beauty of Bath Pub. Most of the friends went to the same school Westland’s and when they were younger they would go on a Pub Crawl around the Town singing carols and drinking copious amount of Alcohol as they got older they have moderated their behaviour and have a get together around a meal, still drinking and reminiscing. The youngest is Norman (Nobby) Clarke at 63 the oldest Trevor Waghorn at 66, the rest of the CEC are Trevor Jordan, Martin Clarke, Keith Whyman, Keith Jacobs and John Elmer.
All have to wear the CEC club tie, in the past they also had sweatshirts (they seem to have shrunk or we have got bigger) hats, pin badges etc. All of us are in our 60’s so the latter doesn’t seem appropriate.

Some of the CEC only see each other at the AGM but the strength of our friendships is if we are needed we will rally round, I wonder if there is any other group in the country who have met every Christmas Eve for 48 years?

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