Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lenny Henry has a chip on his shoulder

I have just listened to Radio 4 new programme and they had as a guest Editor Lenny Henry. Now I always liked Lenny but he has an almighty chip on his shoulder about being Black.
The first thing he done was to insist that all presenters on this mornings programme were from an ethnic background his argument that ethic minorities are under represented in Press, Media, Entertainment etc. . He may have a point but has he considered that they may not be good enough for the Job? The days when ethnicity, gender and sexuality were part of the job description have long gone, in fact I would go as far as to say the pendulum has swung the other way because of Positive Discrimination in favour of ethnicity, gender and sexuality  the White Heterosexual Male is being discriminated against. It is time the Government and Lefty/Liberal realise the British public want the best person for the job irrelevant of their ethnicity, gender and sexuality. Can I give you an example the Police over recent years have come under a lot of criticism is that because there is a fault in the system or is it a fault of Individual? If it is the latter could it be that because of Positive Discrimination the standard of Police Officers has dropped?

He then went on to interview a prominent UKIP member of Pakistani origin who he accused of being a Pawn for a Racist Organisation. I believe he was Amjad Bashir MEP, any way who ever it was he spoke very eloquently and answered all Lenny’s question truthfully. He is certainly someone I see as a MP who unlike Lenny can see the bigger picture and does not walk around thinking “Cos I am Black’ syndrome

Then there was an interview with the question “Are black authors only taken seriously when they write about race” Now can any you honestly say when you pick up a book to read you ask the question what is this person ethnicity NO. You may read a book because you like the authors work, I like John Grisham but I do not have a clue what he looks like, how old he is and what town he lives in, I just like his books. This piece lasted 9 minutes.


Over the Christmas period they invited many Guest Editors most of them I would suggest are the type of person who read the Guardian. So why do I listen to the BBC? I rather like the format but if company like Sky came up with the equivalent and have not such a left wing bias I would change to them


I could but suggest you go to the BBC I Player and listen for yourself

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