Wednesday, June 03, 2015

It is not always Fathers for Justice

There is a lot in the media about how Fathers have been neglected by the mothers of their children and I sympathies with them BUT sometime the boot is on the other foot

I recently told of a Women who has gone through a divorce who gets no help from her ex husband.
The story goes:
First off she was advised to go to a Solicitor because she had two children and a shared Mortgage, this was her first mistake. All the Solicitor achieved was her divorce which cost her £6000 something she could have done herself for few hundred pounds and why did it cost so much and why did not the Solicitor achieve anything more then that? Simple the husband just did not reply to any correspondence and the solicitor had the interesting game of sending repeat letters at a very huge cost. The now ex husband is reported to have enjoyed the fact it has cost his ex wife so much money, money that she has had to borrow. Yet who will suffer?  Of course his children who he still does not support

Not only does he not give any child maintenance he refuses to sort the mortgage he even suggested that his ex wife move into a one bedroom flat with the two children so he could sell the house and have the money for him and his girlfriend. Also his ex wife has a joint bank account, which she cannot close with, out his permission that will cause all sorts of problem. He agreed to pay nearly a £1000 to divorce cost, which has refused to do

So now this women has got rid of her useless solicitor and is now taking proceedings with the courts herself to get the £1000 back she will also go to CSA to get him to pay for his children as for the house it could be if she can not find the mortgage it will be sold at a knockdown price and she will be homeless and then become burden on the Council Taxpayer who will give her Housing benefits plus a lot more. As a matter of interest her ex earns in the region of £35,000  and if the house is sold he will a proportion of the equity, His friends say he has never been so well off.

Yet the women still allow him access to the Children because she refuses to use them as a weapon.

Of Course the Ex Husband is a low life he cheats on his wife and then does not support his children not much of man. So remember it is not always the Father who is wronged it can be the women as well  

As a bye product she noticed on the letter that she can complain about the solicitors fees, so she looked on the internet and found a solicitor who specialises in this subject. Guess what his starting fee was? £1500. I hope a solicitor reads this blog and can tell us how they can justify their fees

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