Monday, June 22, 2015

Longest Canal and Yorkshire Man buying a Round

Yesterday visited and took a boat ride up the Famous Briare Canal Bridge it is the only one of its kind in the World. It was opened in 1896 and took five years to build. It is also the longest Canal Bridge in the World 725 yards long.

My holiday in France has been enjoyable they have some great Chateaus and every Village and Town has a beautiful Church. 
Blois Church

Price of wine is really cheep a Bottle of Rose can cost as little as a Euro. There opening hours a very dated something out of the 1950's If you want to eat during the day you have between 12 noon and 2pm and then at 7pm ended up eating a Kebab at 6pm, as for shops I have yet to find some consistency of when they open. There is no rush when getting served sometimes you have to wait while the Cashier finishes a conversation, this part of France has the same attitude as the English if you cannot understand my language TOUGH. I understood the French banned the disgusting Burka yet I saw some wearing that mediaeval garment.
Lake at site

The site we were on was very good the Chalet was adequate although the bed was extremely uncomfortable and it had no entertainment system luckily enough I brought a small TV with a DVD so I could watch my SOPRANOS and of course could not forget my laptop. I had a good deal with 3 and my mobile Broadband same price structure as the UK but with all, the modern technology I could not keep a regular Radio programme it keep breaking up so as like to listen to early morning news so I had to sit in the car and listen on Long Wave.
Beuvron Village 

No matter where you travel there is always some religious icon whether it be a Cross or Statue or Shrine on the road side. This I find interesting in a Country where they are legally Secular (Non Religious) but still have a very strong Catholic involvement so at least in France there is a strong Christian focus 
Chris and Michelle 

Not so steady but he has bought a round

Did meet a nice Yorkshire couple Chris and Michelle, got on well with Chris as we had the same political out look on life including Gay Marriage, so obviously if he'd agreed with me he must have been alright. Mind you I did get a photo of a Yorkshire man buying a round.

Well back to tomorrow will have to face the African hordes at Calais

And the birds are very friendly

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