Friday, June 05, 2015


I recently attended the Funeral of my Brother in Laws wife Maureen; she was 75 when she died. She went into hospital a week before she died to find out that she had terminal Cancer. The reason I am commenting on this was I was very moved by the Service she did not want any Religious Person taking the service so they had a Lady speaker who done the Eulogy and it was very moving, although not a religious ceremony in the true sense of the word there was several mentions of God.

At the end the tune “I vow to me my Country” was played and then I realised what the English Stiff Upper Lip meant. In an age where we have things like X Factor where every performers starts to cry and wail or Jeremy Kyle where everyone feels sorry for themselves and we see foreign funerals where every one is in hysterics this was not the case for this Funeral. Everyone behaved impeccably in a very solemn way yes my Brother in Law shed a tear but he had just lost the love of his life. Everyone said Goodbye to Maureen with the dignity she deserved, when my time comes I hope I am treated with the same reverence and respect. Its occasions like this that make us English what we are

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