Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Rape and Drink

Courts 'should assume women can't consent to sex when drunk': Rape report's controversial proposal 
  • Dame Elish Angiolini calls for change to consent law to cover intoxication
  • Blood tests would establish if woman was too drunk to consent to sex
  • Positive result would likely make it impossible for man to plead innocence
When I first read this article I thought GOOD but after some thought my mind has changed slightly. I abhor Rape I will not watch even scenes on film etc. I have heard all the arguments that it about domination control etc., RUBBISH it is about sexual gratification and you are not a real man if you have to rape women. Yet I do have a problem with this drink problem.  If a man is drunk and has sex could he claim rape? If both are drunk can they both claim rape? What if you are married and have sex with your wife or husband who is drunk would this be rape?
One wonder if we returned to complete monogamy and sex was encouraged in Marriage only rather then the modern day version where it is treated the same as having a glass of wine or just as a means of physical pleasure would we have the problems we have today?

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