Monday, June 08, 2015

Our Enemy is ISIS NOT Russia

US nuclear missiles may return to Britain over Russian threat: Foreign Secretary says Government will consider hosting weapons for first time since Cold War

  • Philip Hammond says Britain must send 'clear signals' to Vladimir Putin
  • Follows 'worrying signs' of increased military activity by Russian forces 
  • He added the West would not want to ‘make unnecessary provocations’ 
  • US considers scrapping Cold War-era treaty to deploy missiles in Europe 


This is about Obama getting a foot hold in the UK . Nuclear weapons and Reagans and Thatcher hard stance against the Communist Block was justified as it led eventually to the overthrow of Communism. Our enemy is militant Islam a real threat that could engulf the Word and what are the UN and its members doing next to nothing.

The hypocrisy of the EU, USA and UK over Russia is incredible, they have banned them from the G8 meetings because they say they have invaded Ukraine, which they have not done. Remember the problem in Ukraine is because the EU supported and illegal take over of the Democratic Government of Ukraine by a Pro EU mob, which then started discrimination against the Russian minority in the Country. If Russia are banned from G8 why aren’t UK and USA for their invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? What good for the Goose is good for the Gander

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