Monday, June 29, 2015

Shane Jordan Speaks for Straight Pride

Author Shane Jordan 

When a heterosexual posts a picture declaring their “straight pride” it’s not effective. It may tell the world that you’re not gay, but it also tells the world that you’re an asshole.
So being proud of your heterosexuality makes you an asshole? That seems a tad bit intolerant. I think calling someone an asshole for being proud of what they are makes you an asshole. And speaking of being an asshole, check out this complete lack of self-awareness:
It says that you are so insecure with your own sexuality that you have to label yourself.
Isn’t that what gay people do? In fact, homosexuals are the most one-dimensional group of people on the planet, being solely defined by their sexuality. Strip away the gay and they’re left with nothing that makes a person an individual.
It is obvious to everyone that this anti-straight pride rant is terribly hypocritical, but the author has an explanation:
Is it a double standard that I should be able to post pride images and you can’t? No.
Why not?
You don’t have to.
That explains it all. Gay people have to flaunt their gayness, but straight people shouldn’t feel the need to assert their straightness.
This is part of the political correctness logic void that says it is fine to be proud of being black but white pride is racism. Female pride is empowering but male pride is misogyny. Being proud of your sexual deviancy makes you courageous, while straight pride is homophobia.
Will homophobic and bigoted heterosexuals still post their “straight pride” meme’s? Probably, but it doesn’t shock a world to find out you’re heterosexual, as its likely they already assume that.
I don’t think straight people are posting pride pictures to shock the world, but at least he stopped calling us assholes.
It will, however, surprise them to find out what an asshole you are.
Oops, I spoke too soon.
If you want equality, treat others equally. If you want to be accepted, just be a decent human being, not a needy attention grabber that tries to force your beliefs on others. This piece proves that gays aren’t interested in equality. If you are preaching one thing but doing another, you’re the asshole, not everybody else.

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