Friday, June 19, 2015

Votes For School Kids

So the Government has stopped the idea of 16 and 17 years old voting in the EU Referendum if we get one. Well all I can say is good. The idea of School Kids voting on something that will effect me, my children and grand children's future without any knowledge of the World and not having any financial input filled me with dread. Of course Labour, LibDems and SNP wanted them to vote because young people with their School Child knowledge of Politics these parties politics sound very feasible. It is only when they get older and have more life experience they realise these parties have no real pragmatic approach to how to govern and they soon realise that to live you have to work and not rely on state handouts much favoured by the three Leftwing parties.
Lets remember a 16 years old can not buy alcohol, have to stay in full time education, can serve in the Army but cannot fight on the front line, can not buy tobacco, can not drive a car, can not marry without parents permission. In law someone is considered a child till they 18 and these politicians want kids to have the vote if they did would they then have to change all the other laws?
I was also pleased to see only British Nationals will be allowed to vote in a proposed EU Referendum

The Pro EU Lobby will use any trick and lie to keep us in the EU Dictatorship an In Out Referendum is not a forgone conclusion for us who want to leave the Pro EU Lobby will put in billions to defeat us and money talks

Listen to the Radio this morning seems since SNP took over Scotland their NHS has become a real mess, the more you hear about this party the more you thank God they had nothing to with running the UK alongside Labour

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