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Is same sex marriage about equality

So the USA is to recognise same sex marriage. No surprise there but like the UK the people of the USA never got a say on the matter, at least the Irish had a referendum. Yet if the USA and UK had a referendum I doubt if the those against same sex marriage would have won. The Irish referendum had so much propaganda in favour and nearly every Politician , Media outlet and the Celebrity class in favour there was little hope of those opposed getting a fair hearing and the same would happen in the UK and USA. As you can tell I am against same sex marriage BUT I have to accept the fact that this debauched ceremony is now legal and as people have said I will have to get over it.

Yet I still wonder how a minority just 1.5% of the population has so much influence even allowing a Gay flag to be flown over public buildings, well I did until I heard a report that Politicians, Media and the Entertainment Industry have a considerable higher percentage of Homosexuals, Lesbians and Bisexual then the rest of society. Mind you I sometimes wonder how these surveys come to the conclusion
My main beef is that the supporters of Same Se Marriage and the Gay flag continual to say it is about equality. Well it is not it is about a minority having more and more influence over the rest of us:

Example 1
Although David Cameron argued that same-sex marriage is an issue of equality, the ban on opposite-sex civil partnerships remains. Straight couples continue to be prohibited from having a civil partnership, even though the government’s own public consultation on equal marriage found that 61 per cent of respondents supported the right of heterosexual couples to have a civil partnership if they want one. Only 24 per cent disagreed. In the Netherlands, two-thirds of civil partnerships are between male-female couples. A similar take up is likely in the UK if civil partnerships were available to heterosexuals.

Guess who wrote this the Gay Militant Peter Tatchell, even he agrees it is not about equality

Example 2

You can annul a marriage if: it wasn't consummated - you haven't had sex with the person you married since the wedding (doesn't apply for same sex couples) you didn't properly consent to the marriage 

So why was the Consummated section with regard to sex not withdrawn? Was it because even this Gay leaning Government recognise that normal marriage is different to Gay Marriage. As sex is not part of a same sex marriage why can not members of the same family of the same sex not allowed to marry? Before you say disgusting and what is the point here are three reasons 1) Tax 2) Death Duties 3) Pension entitlement. Nothing in same sex marriage says you have to have physical relationship. Below is part of the service for a same sex marriage now everything in this can be for a family member

The expression of intent
(Partner 1) you have chosen (Partner 2) to be your life partner. Will you love and respect him/her? Will you be honest with him/her always? Will you stand by him/her through whatever may come? (Answer: "I will")
(Partner 2) you have chosen Partner 1) to be your life partner. Will you love and respect him/her? Will you be honest with him/her always? Will you stand by him/her through what ever may come? (Answer: "I will")
And do you both promise to make the necessary adjustments in your personal lives in order that you may live in a harmonious relationship together? (Answer: "We do")
Now (Partner 2), please repeat after me: In the presence of our family and friends, I (Partner 2) choose you (Partner 1) to be my life partner, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, to love and to cherish, and to be faithful to you alone. This is my solemn vow.

Lastly what about religions or cults that allow one person to have many wives or husbands why are they discriminated against? Of course we must not forget those Bi-Sexual who can love both sexes why are they discriminated against? In the last election the Greens even suggested that marriage should be allowed for three people.

Now I do not agree with any of my suggestions I believe in marriage being for a Man and Women but the same sex marriage is a Pandora's Box and I will guarantee more alterations to marriage will come. Some one needs to come up with a name for Traditional Marriage so there can be a differential between the two.
Can not happen? Well the word Gay was stolen from the English language. A word that used to mean happy, frivolous and joyful now means Homosexual or Lesbian.

How do you address some one who has had a same sex marriage if they are Male are they Both Husband? Female both Wife? And does one of them take the name of the other like in normal marriage where the women takes the man's name. Mind you the latter may soon be against the law as someone has suggested it contravenes the Human Rights act as it demeanours women
I hope the pro Gay movement recognise that Same Sex Marriage is not about equality so stop using this to condone the Law

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