Sunday, June 21, 2015

Brand and illegals

Russell Brand and that Charlotte Church Women were leading a Left Wing rabble on a March about anti-austerity have they not realised him and his like lost the election. The people want to get rid of this countries debt and stop the benefit gravy train. Can I make a suggestion they state what is a reasonable amount of money to live on, then they can alter their life style to that and donate their money to a homeless charity both are typical champagne lefty luvvies. Brand bragged he was on the dole for eight years learning how to become a comedian, so he sponged of the Tax Payers as well why did he not work and learn? Hypocrite

More and more illegals are getting into the country mainly from Africa and these are not refugees they are young men wanted to take advantage of our benefit system. I can not understand how they get here if Customs searched every Lorry, Van, Caravan, Car, Camper in France how would they get in. Before they say the cost would be to great and we would need more custom officials, how much is it costing this country in housing these immigrant criminals. In the short term use the Army

I have no sympathy for these people what so ever, they are leaving countries which need their help in rebuilding just so they pursue their own selfish ambitions. They should look at what happened after the Second World War where all the devastated countries rebuilt, this did not happened by running away. My Father was stationed in Germany and he told me he saw people cleaning bricks from bombed houses and stacking them so when the time came they could rebuild, I expect the same happened in London and other places in GB.

Since the 1950's we have been told about the starving war torn Africans well surely it is about time they started looking after them themselves, maybe stopping corrupt officials getting money for food aid will help and educating them to farm properly and run their countries efficiently would help. The West throwing money at the problem for the last 65 years has not worked no matter how good it makes the bleeding hearts feel

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