Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I was at Calais

So my holiday has finished the initial return drive was good mind you at a cost of £70 for toll fees for the week it should be, even round Paris my Satnav directed us well but I have never seen so many vehicles on the road as in Paris took us over ¾ hour to get round it like a huge moving Traffic Jam. Got to near the Tunnel and that’s when the problems started. First the approach road was shut for resurfacing; no diversion signs so we had to find a way round by driving many miles down the motorway to find another way to the tunnel. Which everyone did so we were in 3-mile queue it seems those loony French workers were yet on strike again at the Port so everyone was trying the tunnel. The French strikers got to hear about this and set light to the railway tracks burning all the electric cable there was a possibility of being stranded at the Tunnel overnight, thankfully that never happened but we were delayed for about 4 hours. French Police were as useful as Chocolate Teapot or an ashtray on a motorbike doing absolutely nothing. France needs a Maggie Thatcher to bring these unions into line also in a lot of ways the country is like the UK was in the 1960's/70's.
Do these look undernourished Refugees??

To top it all we were harassed by immigrants )see photo and video clip). The bleeding heart brigade keep telling us that these people are fleeing persecution and starvation. Well let me tell you that all these immigrants were healthy, well fed, well dressed young men, with telephones and smoking there was not one women, child or elderly person amongst them. They openly were trying to get into lorries and threatening people in cars especially when the TV cameras were on them. These people who were all African are not to be pitied they are criminals trying to take advantage of our benefit system. Yes Criminals if they enter the UK illegally they are criminals, if they vandalise a lorry they are criminals, if they cross the Channel without paying they are criminals. If they do get to England they are not allowed to work because they have no National Insurance Number so if they are working it is illegal and anyone who is employing them its is illegal and I for one would report anyone doing this.

The French are doing nothing to prevent these illegals entering our country but they do have a point the reason they are trying to get to the UK is because of our ridiculous benefit system so favored by the Left Wing and SNP but one thing our Government can do is to search every Lorry and Car the extra cost would be balanced by these a African Criminals not sponging of our benefit system plus we would stop the Human Rights Lawyers making millions

This is another reason why we should leave the EU and ECHR

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