Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Swingers Pride and PanSexual

The article below has attracted many comments the picture disgusted all with the exception one.
As I mentioned before anyone displaying the Rainbow Flag I block from Facebook on the SMAC Facebook I told the young man below that that SMAC dose not support any pressure group and I directed him to my blog site and here is his reply  

Dear Sir,
I do support Gay Pride,  and I do indeed support an individuals right to be whoever they wish to be,  as long as it hurts no other individual.  I have many friends from the LGBT community and I am grateful for what the pride movement has done for them in terms of liberation and equality.
As for the picture,  I find the happiness on their faces uplifting and the choice of clothing seems to be a great choice considering the weather at Pride this year.
Many of my Gay,  lesbian,  bisexual,  pansexual, transgender friends March regularly and consistently to the movement of Gay Pride and,  I personally,  will March with them wherever they shall roam.

He mentions that as long as it does not hurt anyone. Well hurt is not just a physical experience it can be emotional as well and the behaviour of the men in the Photo is extremely offensive to many people  and is very hurtful

Richard Littlejohn Quote
As far as they (Gays) are concerned, the normal rules of behaviour and decency don’t apply to them. They are beyond criticism and anyone who dares to dissent must be punished, ideally by having their reputations trashed and their careers ruined.
To many deeply religious people, the rainbow flag is a symbol of bigotry, intolerance and persecution. While we are all compelled to ‘celebrate diversity’, that doesn’t apply to sincerely-held Christian beliefs. Hate-filled homosexual zealots have deliberately targeted Christian bakers, hoteliers and registrars for prosecution under so-called ‘equality’ laws.
Needless to say, it’s only Christians they single out for boycott and legal actions. They lack the courage to tackle mosques and Muslim-owned businesses. Waving a mock Isis flag is about as brave as it gets.
It’s time the noisy, self-obsessed — and largely publicly-funded — professional gay lobby grew up and shut up. But that’s not going happen.
They’re on a roll and they don’t care who they offend — including relatives of British citizens murdered by terrorists or parents who don’t want their children exposed to half-naked men waving flags emblazoned with tasteless images of sex aids.”

Because the Perverts in the photo have happy faces it is OK to make this disgusting behaviour?

What is Pansexual is that yet another sexual abnormality we have to deal with?

Yet it not just Homosexual who have strange sexual habits a recent photograph of Swingers is doing the rounds  how long before we have “Swingers Pride March” and Swingers demanding extra rights from Government .

Can someone tell me what is happening to this countries morals and decency? Is there no longer laws on Public Decency?

This Photo says everything why I detest Gay Pride and people who support them, this is nothing but a display of sexual deviance and I would think most Homosexuals would not want to be associated with it

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