Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Herne Bay Baptist

I visited Herne Bay on Sunday and had a Coffee on the Bandstand and while there a group from the local Baptist Church started singing songs it was brilliant. I wonder why when you mention you are a Christian people look at you and say behind your back “Watch out the God Squad” is if you are sort of nutcase and then ridiculed. We are continually reminded about the feelings of Muslims, gays, secularist etc. yet the biggest single group in this country are Christians maybe it is time to listen to them

The Labour Party and their Left Wing Cousins the SNP are the Party of the Benefit Scroungers, they should change their name to the Benefit Party because Labour means work. The reliant on Benefit came about under the Tony Blair’s Labour Government; the same Government who left the Note in the treasurer stating the Country had no money. Labour introduced the ridiculous working tax credits which kept wages low and made Businesses richer because of cheap Labour, they increased Housing Benefit which pushed up rents and now they are complaining because the Conservatives are trying to put their mess right. At least the SNP will eventually take Scotland out of the UK saving us English Taxpayer Billions.

There is a lot of talk about integrating Muslims into the rest of the Community a very honourable idea but as soon as you see a women in a Burka or Head scarf or a man dressed in clothes from the 15th Century Arabia you are automatically apprehensive.

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