Sunday, July 12, 2015

No to Mosque at Church

Man arrested in Burka?

On my local Facebook The Gossip Board I asked a simple question
“Is the rumour true that the Church in Central Avenue to be sold and will it become a Mosque”
The answer I was expecting was either a Yes, No or Do Not Know, Instead I got a tirade of abuse. It seems my photo on my Facebook which features our countries flag was enough for Left wingers and the leftwing student fringe to insult me. None them know me yet because I have a Union Jack they assume I am Homophobic and Racist. Some say a Mosque would be good thing and we should all live together, tell that to people in Syria who are being murdered by Islamic Terrorists, tell that to people killed in 9/11 and 7/7 and so on. This is typical of students and their ilk who have no grasp of the real world and rather sit in Student Bars pontificating how awful society is.

I was asked what would I do with the church if it was sold well one I would encourage one of the Evangelical Churches to buy it, as we are having a lot of Black people who are moving into town bringing with them Evangelical style of Christianity. They are one of the fastest growing Churches in GB and would enhance Sittingbourne. If that was not possible I would encourage it to be turned into One bedroom/Studio Flats for people who could be well behaved neighbours, this would encourage the Town Centre to become a community like many other Town centre throughout the World.

The main question why not a Mosque?

  1. Islamic Terrorists are in action throughout the World murdering and killing people, most operating from Radical Mosques
  2. By allowing yet another Mosques into the Town would we not encourage more Muslims into the Town?
  3. How can we sure that those running the Mosque were not promoting Islamic Radicalism
  4. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding Mosques throughout GB with their Radical form of Islam called Wahhabism
  5. Our Government is doing nothing to stop Saudi etc in their funding, they are also not doing anything to stop these radical clerics, so it is up to Individuals and local Councils to fight terrorism
  6. More and More Islamic fundamentalist want Shiria Law, this law goes against the whole concept of Magna Carta and especially subjugates women etc

Now I know what the Lefties and their student idealist will say that I am a racist and anti Islam. Well I feel sorry for all the peace loving Muslims who want to live in peace,harmony and abide by British Laws and Customs. Yet the truth is it is Muslims who are murdering people throughout the World it is Muslims who Ghettoising parts of Britain and forming Muslim States with in GB and sadly our Government and previous Governments are doing nothing about it because of PC and Multiculturalism.

Would I object to Jews taking it over as a Synagogue, or Hindu's and Sikhs having a Temple no I would not because they are peace loving religions who blend in with British Society and Values plus they do not have a philosophy of killing people that do belong to their religion. When the day comes when Muslim's have the same Philosophy then maybe we would all welcome a Mosque

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