Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Britain to pay a Billion for Greek Bail Out

Britain will NOT foot the bill for rescuing Greece, Osborne warns after Brussels threatens to hit UK with 1BILLION bill for emergency loans

  • British public could be forced to contribute £1billion towards Greek bailout
  • Government to fight European bid for UK to release emergency loan funds 
  • Would break deal made by David Cameron that UK would not have to pay
  • But European Commission officials say that the deal has no legal force 

Here is another reason why we should leave the EU. The UK refused to join the Euro yet we are expected to pay for their cock ups? The Europhiles seem to think we are duty bound to help out I do not think so. Greece was always going to get a reprieve as the Europhiles want to keep the Euro and if Greece left they would have to accept it was a failure, The only way the Euro can work is for the EU to become a Unites States of Europe with its own Finance Ministry and its own European Chancellor.
IF YOU SUPPORT THE EU you will be supporting a USE and the demise of England into no more then a County Council

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