Sunday, July 19, 2015

We live in 2015 not 1950 tell that to the BBC

How we Taxpayers afford the BBC look at the pay of Danny Cohen and look at the rubbish the BBC turn out. People say its free NO ITS NOT we pay £145 a year for Actors and BBC staff to earn a fortune of us and they peddle their own Political Dogma, when was the last time you had unbiased and neutral political debate from them? The time has come for the BBC to be an opt in system paying annually or pay to view and the same can be said of BBC Radio Staions like Radio 4 and Radio 2 have to alternative Radio 3 and Radio 1 to have many private alternatives. Should the BBC be involved in Local Radio? The BBC and its leftwing supporters think we still live in the 1950's well in 2015 we have the democratic right to choose

Mr Cohen, the Oxford-educated television executive, who is described by colleagues as serious and cerebral
 Danny Cohen's ascent to the top of the BBC has been nothing short of meteoric.

At 33, he became boss of BBC3, pedalling 'yoof' shows with trashy titles such as Snog Marry Avoid, **** Off, I'm A Hairy Woman, and Hotter Than My Daughter.
It was an odd fit for the Oxford-educated television executive, who is described by colleagues as serious and cerebral.
But Mr Cohen, who is also supremely ambitious, knew that it was necessary for him to get ahead.
His plan worked and he was soon promoted to run BBC1, becoming – at 36 – its youngest-ever controller.
A few years later, he became director of television, earning £327,000 a year. The next goal, friends say, is to succeed Lord Tony Hall as director general.  
He was at the centre of the Jeremy Clarkson scandal, which eventually ended in the presenter being sacked for punching a Top Gear producer over a steak. 
'He's quite a moral character, so it is very uncomfortable for him,' said a friend at the time. 
The BBC's golden boy wanted to suspend or sack Clarkson last year, after he used the racist word 'slope' on a Top Gear special in Burma. 
However, Mr Cohen was overruled by Lord Hall, forcing him to let Clarkson off with a 'final' warning. 'It was humiliating for him,' said a colleague. 
The executive is married to Noreena Hertz, a beautiful Cambridge economics professor six years his elder.
The pair have spent years living together in Bohemian splendour in North London, forming one of the area's most impressive power duos.
When the couple married in March 2012, actress Rachel Weisz was a bridesmaid, and the guest list included Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson. 

BBC's gravy train...1st class all the way: 'Feckless' Corporation is pleading poverty in face of cuts... yet wastes millions on luxury travel, celebrity bashes and OVERPAYING its staff! 

  • Corporation shells out £13.7million on flights and £8million on trains
  • Spent £55,000 on tickets for celebrities and staff to go to Baftas
  • Overpaid employees by £2million in two years 

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