Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bikes Scooters

When I was a youngster walking on the pavement was quite a safe pursuit NOT today. With have kids on Cycles go on off the pavement with no thought for themselves and others, then we have the adults who think that wearing a safety helmet give them the right to ride on the pavement or ride up the wrong way up a oneway street, then we have the Duck cyclists these are like the ducks in a lake with its young brood Mother and Father in the lead followed by the rest, I refer to mum and dad on cycles followed by their kids all of them with helmets a protective clothing riding up the pavement ring their bell expecting pedestrians to move out the way. Lets not forget the Miss Marple elderly women who rides very upright with the basket on the front smiling and saying good morning as she forces pedestrians of the pavement. Best of all are those cyclist who want to be an Olympic champion in all the Lycra gear who race along at break neck speed sometimes double or even trebled up so you can not overtake them and they never look behind them when overtaking stationary vehicles.

Thats Bad but the worse is come? The invalidity Scooter, these things are grown out of all proportion, they come in various sizes from a small chair to monster with Ape Hanger handle bars lights and horns an invalid hells angel.

 These scooter travel either a snail space or at speeds which would beat the old fashioned milk float. Once again most have no consideration for pedestrians and think because they drive one of these things everyone should move.

Many years ago I was in Brighton with Val and Dave Boulding I said to Val you walk between us as I do not want people to think I bat for the other side, this was a joke but 10 years later it could be considered a hate crime but I told things have changed for the better?

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