Thursday, July 30, 2015

Immigrants and Baguette £8.50p

I decided to travel to St Mary’s Bay New Romney for a nostalgic visit. So I thought I would be careful where I travelled with all the problems on the M20 with regard to French Strikes and Illegal immigrants etc.
So I thought I would travel to Faversham take the Ashford Road turn off at Kennington then head along the road leading the Hospital then  across country to New Romney. Yet nothing ever goes as you want it , before you get to Faversham you have to go through Ospringe where there was massive traffic queue so I knew this and travelled a really obscure back way which led me into Faversham Town Centre which I could get to the Ashford Road. Taking the Kennington turn off as mentioned, I eventually got to a Round about on the Canterbury Road, which would take me to the Julia Rose Athletics Centre. There was a Traffic Jam from the Roundabout to the Junction of the M20 which was about 3 miles long all because of the troubles in France .
What annoyed me is that it is getting impossible to move in this part of Kent and all we hear from Cameron you cannot blame the French. WELL YES YOU CAN, they allow Union thugs to break the Law and refuse to arrest them, they allow Illegal immigrants to storm the Tunnel and if they bother to catch them they release them a few miles outside Calais so they can return. French Charities supply them with food as do charities in GB and some are funded with Tax Payers money. Lets also not forget the Human Rights Lawyers like Cherrie Blair who make Millions out of the ridiculous European Human Rights, I have just heard on the radio a Pro Immigrant Charity in the UK want to increase immigrants benefits what are they nuts.
THE CALL IS BRING IN THE TROOPS but that never going to happen, what we can do is cut immigrant benefits and stop funding charities that encourage them to come to the UK

On my way back I stopped at the Eastwell Manor Ashford Hotel/Spa for a coffee and baguette, the banquette was £8.50p it was nice but not that nice. 

What is the latest craze with motorists in putting their lights on during the day? As soon as it is a little overcast on come the lights, do they think I can’t see them?

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