Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Littlejohn on Gay Pride

LITTLEJOHN: A gay ISIS flag? Relax, don't do it - waving a banner of sex aids is not the way to behave
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Here are some sections of the article:
As the Pink News helpfully explained: ‘Unfortunately for Lucy Pawle, the flag shown to shocked viewers across the world was in fact a celebration of anal sex toys.’
"Now correct me if I am wrong I thought the Anus was for evacuating waste products from the body?"
if anyone else had tried that in any other shopping street in Britain, especially surrounded by men in skimpy underpants snogging each other and simulating sex acts, they’d have been arrested and charged with obscenity offences.
"As I have said on many occasion Gays get preferential treatment"
As far as they (Gays) are concerned, the normal rules of behaviour and decency don’t apply to them. They are beyond criticism and anyone who dares to dissent must be punished, ideally by having their reputations trashed and their careers ruined.
To many deeply religious people, the rainbow flag is a symbol of bigotry, intolerance and persecution. While we are all compelled to ‘celebrate diversity’, that doesn’t apply to sincerely-held Christian beliefs. Hate-filled homosexual zealots have deliberately targeted Christian bakers, hoteliers and registrars for prosecution under so-called ‘equality’ laws.
Needless to say, it’s only Christians they single out for boycott and legal actions. They lack the courage to tackle mosques and Muslim-owned businesses. Waving a mock Isis flag is about as brave as it gets.
It’s time the noisy, self-obsessed — and largely publicly-funded — professional gay lobby grew up and shut up. But that’s not going happen.
They’re on a roll and they don’t care who they offend — including relatives of British citizens murdered by terrorists or parents who don’t want their children exposed to half-naked men waving flags emblazoned with tasteless images of sex aids.
Read more:…/LITTLEJOHN-gay-ISIS-flag-Relax…
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Littlejohn asks what possessed the person behind the 'ISIS flag' seen at London Pride - which was actually a banner of sex aids - to create the obscene after the Tunisia terror attack

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