Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Donald Trump and The Wright Stuff

This is quite true, plus how many people are quoting him correctly I thought I heard him say stop all muslims entering the USA ""until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on". So what is he saying is so wrong? I am right it is Muslims who are slaughtering people and he has not said for ever. This will also protect Muslims living in the country and will most probably help defend them against Bigots who blame them for what is happening in other parts of the World. Yesterday I watched the programme The Wright Stuff. This is a programme of Panelist normally from the entertainment world headed by the Lefty Matthew Wright who give their expert opinion as entertainers on World affairs (that was a joke when I said expert) Matthew leads the discussion most of the time being rude to the public who call in, he expects us to take him seriously especially as he took part in that ridiculous programme "I am a celebrity Get me out of Here) LOL. What annoyed me with him yesterday was first all he did not quote Trumps complete statement omitting the last piece and them went on to call Trump a racist because of the Ban. It just shows the ignorance of the man and many other Liberal Lefties Islam is a religion not a race. Trump hopefully will not become USA President but the worst senario for the World would be for Hilary Clinton to become President

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