Friday, December 11, 2015

Muslim Truck Drivers sued for not delivering Beer

The Government Sued on Behalf of Muslim Truck Drivers Fired for Not Delivering Beer-Truth!  
Summary of eRumor:
Two Muslim truck drivers who were fired from their jobs for refusing to deliver beer because of their religious beliefs were awarded $240,000 in a lawsuit filed by a government agency.
The Truth:
It’s true that two Muslim truck drivers were awarded $240,000 after the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a wrongful termination lawsuit on their behalf.
A jury in Illinois ordered the Star Transport to pay the fired drivers $240,000 in damages in October 2015.
The EEOC announced in May 2013 that it filed a lawsuit against Start Transport for failing to accommodate and wrongfully terminating two Muslim employees who refused to deliver alcohol for religious reasons, according to a press release:

Now you tell me OBAMA along with Hilary Clinton are not pro Islam! according to the report below this was actually instigated by Obama and they say Donald Trump is a Nut and anti American. Obama is most probably the worst President the USA has ever had

is this really America?

After Muslim Truckers Refuse to Deliver Beer… Obama Does the Unbelievable by Bill Callen 

Barack Obama just sided with Muslims to enforce Islamic Sharia Law on an American business, leaving many outraged and two Fox News anchors absolutely stunned.

Two Muslim truck drivers — former Somali “refugees” — refused to make deliveries of beer to stores for their employer. So they were understandably fired They claimed it was a violation of their religious beliefs — even though Islam bars only the consumption of alcohol. And, as the employer pointed out, the workers knew they would have to deliver alcohol before they took the job.

So guess what Barack Obama did.

He SUED the employers on behalf of the pair, Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdkiarim Hassan Bulshale, claiming religious discrimination.

Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) represented them in the case, providing tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars in legal support, judicial filings and court appearances against the employer who was hopelessly outgunned by the Federal government.

And this week the Muslims were awarded a stunning $240,000 by a jury, presided over by an Obama appointee who stunned analysts by allowing the case to go forward at all.

Fox News hosts Megyn Kelly and Andrew Napolitano were flabbergasted:

“The Obama administration actually represented the two Muslims in this case. But has sometimes taken a very different position in the case of Christians trying to assert their religious beliefs.”

She then said to Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano:
“So in the case of the Muslim truck drivers, the Obama administration through the EEOC is all in. This is what they said:
‘We are proud to support the rights of workers to equal treatment in the workplace without having to sacrifice their religious beliefs or practices; it’s fundamental to the American principles of religious freedom and tolerance.’
But when it comes to the Christian bakers, it’s not as fundamental.”

Napolitano was equally perplexed:
“That’s correct. It’s unfortunate when the government interferes in a private dispute over religious views, and takes sides, and chooses one religion over another.” To their point, the Christian owners of “Melissa’s Sweet Cakes” were fined $135,000 by the state of Oregon for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. And Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

Napolitano offered an explanation for the administration’s interest in the Muslim truck driver case:
“The way the feds intervened … they wanted this case because they wanted to make the point that they've now made.”
The U.S. Government and the courts can't legally have one set of laws for Christians and another set of laws for Muslims and other religious groups. But now they do. Obama’s actions and this court’s ruling throws into relief that not all Americans are legally recognized as possessing religious liberty and freedom of conscience.

As George Orwell might put it, Obama has now established that
Muslims are more equal than Christians in America.

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Does any American still doubt that our president, if not Muslim himself, is at a minimum a Muslim supporter?

Does anyone worry about this selective enforcement of the Constitution by our government? (Remember George Orwell's Animal Farm- "some pigs are more equal than others")

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