Friday, December 04, 2015

Known by his Walk

Yesterday I had quite a pleasant experience I was walking across the road to my Judo/Sambo Club in Sittingbourne when a chap got out of a Van came over to me and said “You Martin Clarke”. After saying yes he went on say that he saw me from the back and said no one else has a walk like that. It turns out that I taught him Judo at the Towers School Ashford when he was 14 years old he is now 51. Now that is 37 years ago but to be remembered by a walk is something unusual, it was nice to be remembered in a positive way. He tells me my nickname at the School was the Green Giant because I was often in my Young Judo Club tracksuit, which were Green and Black
His name was Mark Dorman and runs a company called Britannia Fork Trucks Ltd, it would be interesting to hear from any other students from the time I taught Judo in Schools in Kent from 1971 till 1980. The meeting brought back many memories but that is for another

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