Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Illegal Immigrant in Sittingbourne

Yesterday was walking along St Michaels Road Sittingbourne and was stopped by a well-dressed young man in a hoody with knapsack on his back, he politely asked me where the railway station was. He spoke in a Eastern European accent and then walked in the opposite direction and entered the ALDI. I thought this is strange how did he get into the Town in the first place then it occurred to me, could he be an illegal immigrant as some had been spotted coming out of lorries on trading estates and near the Garden Centre in Newington in recent weeks. Most of the time they arrive in groups so obviously I reported it to the Police and today there has been violent threats to Lorry drivers by these young men in Calais. So these illegal men are getting into the Country but what I cannot understand why every lorry cannot be physically checked by border staff before then go on the train. As we do not know anything about these Young Illegal immigrants I advise everyone to be on their guard

Funny how a Muslim can commit Hate Crime and not be arrested and yet Tyson Fury is arrested for supposedly making a comment about Homosexuals and that was reported by one person? It is about time that this Government put some perspective in what is a crime

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