Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sign the Petition

Sign the petition

I know I will get some stick from the Liberal Left and the far Left but we need protection from Extremists and the only advantage we have over Europe is we are an Island. Our Politicians are continually listening and siding with very vocal minorities and are not listening to the majority when the make comments like British people should learn to integrate with Muslims rather then Muslims should learn to Integrate with British Society then you know something is wrong. This restriction will also benefit the British Muslim Community who will have a better chance of flushing out the Radicals who are not true Muslims. The type of Islam being promoted by the terrorists is completely alien to this Country but we have to accept that 25% of muslims want Sharia Law and Islamic caliphate throughout the World I hope the 75% will soon stand up and be counted. The Political Clique of all parties refusal to accept the obvious will eventually lead to violent Civil Disorder by the indigenous population at the very least at worst it could end up in a Civil War IMPOSSIBLE I HOPE SO

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