Friday, December 11, 2015

Littlejohn comments

Love these comments from Richard Littlejohn

Anyone who deviates from the ‘acceptable’ limits of free speech these days should expect to be treated as a pariah. Social media is a release valve for show-offs, semi-literate losers and sexual inadequates. It gives them somewhere to feel good about their own pathetic lives.

Starving? Let them eat Finish
Demand for food banks is levelling off, much to the dismay of the ‘food poverty’ industry. Far from scaling back their operations, they’re stepping up their war on ‘hunger’ and are claiming that some children go days without meals during the school holidays.
I’m not disputing that a few families fall through the cracks and need help. But the idea that ‘hunger’ is widespread in modern Britain is arrant nonsense.
Most food banks are there to make a political point and give meddling middle-class women with too much time on their hands something to do — like the food bank in Royal Tunbridge Wells which offers an Ocado-style home delivery service.
One of these Lady Bountifuls turned up on Nick Ferrari’s LBC radio show yesterday, claiming melodramatically that many families were only ‘one or two pay-cheques’ away from starvation.
Yes, pet. And your point is?
Most people manage well on little money, she said, but can be blown off course by an unforeseen disaster — like the dishwasher breaking down.
Eh? Just about summed it up. In this woman’s world, having to mend the dishwasher is a reason for not putting food on the table.
Who would watch their children starve rather than wash the dishes by hand?
Everybody’s got a hungry heart

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