Wednesday, December 16, 2015

EU Scaremongering from John Major

I see the scare mongering has started with regard to the EU Referendum John Major  this morning stated on Radio  4 that if we leave the following would happen

1)   Scotland would demand a referendum to leave the UK, which he considered a bad thing, as we would lose our status in the World. If they leave would that be such a bad thing for the rest of the UK I do not think so it would be bad for Scotland. Lose our World Influence I wonder what influence we have now under the EU surely by becoming an independent Country again we would gain influence remember we are still one of the richest countries in the World and have one of the best and affective Military
2)   If we left would France stop Immigrants coming form Calais he says NO. Well apart from the fact they are not doing a very good job now we do have the advantage of a thing called the English Channel plus if need be we could put troops at the Tunnel to stop entry if the border was more effective the that swarm of illegals would eventually melt away as there would no point staying as the border would be properly sealed. If this does not work it may pay to shut the tunnel for a period and go back to using ferries open up Zeebrugge and Ostend
3)   We would not save money on not paying  millions in memberships fees as the EU would put on Tariffs on entering Europe that may be true but we would also put tariffs on goods coming from EU. Plus are we to believe that EU Businesses will stop bring produce etc. to the UK and do you believe they will put up with tariffs because of EU interagency NO plus we will have the rest of the World to trade with. Our trade with the rest of world is now greater then it was 10 years ago but we are a Net Importer do you honestly believe exporters from the EU to GB will just give up when we import from Countries outside the EU?
4)   He then went on to say we would not retain our own sovereignty because the EU dictatorship would demand that we step inline with their edicts if we wanted to trade with them. If there is ever a reason to leave the EU is that one. Lets be practical once the UK leaves the EU it will become a country of low regulation and low government interference, countries will flock to be located here, that already happening because of the failure of the Euro, EU companies will want to be here a country without the interference of the EU.


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