Friday, December 11, 2015

Hairy Bikers

I have wrote many pieces about Islam and how I feel they becoming very influential in this Country with the support of the Liberal Left and the Cowardice of the Conservative Government who are to frightened to cause any controversy just in case they are called racist or anti Islam. Interesting Obama and Clinton have publicly announced that 99% of Muslims are against terrorism etc. Yet countless surveys have proved that 25% of all Muslims want Sharia Law and support an Islamic Caliphate. Once again Politicians are hiding the truth from us.

Yet there is hope that Muslims can live with other religion I have just watched a Christmas show with the Hairy Bikers and amongst the women cooking for a Christmas Banquet were two Muslim women with headscarves working hand in hand with everyone else. When they visited their house the bikers saw they had Christmas decorations up and they gave presents on Christmas day. Now here was a Muslim Family who had integrated but still kept their true religion lets hope more Muslims take their example and maybe the World would be a better place  

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