Thursday, December 10, 2015

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has come under attack because he said “That Muslims should be banned from the USA until Obama sorts out the problems” terrible I hear you say YET is it so terrible when Diash have said they have sent thousands of Suicide Bombers along with illegal immigrants. So if that the case should any country take in Muslims?  Yet he said till the problem was sorted, that could mean the destruction of Diash or proper stringent border controls and the targeting of Muslim Immigrants?
Now before many of you Liberal Left sympathises get hot under the collar and say Not all Muslims are terrorist that is true but is also true the Terrorist are Muslim and in a recent survey 25% of all Muslims support the aims of Diash

The recent drowning of a Large Syrian Family trying to get to Greece is a tragedy the Children were not aware of what was happening and deserved the chance of life. The only survivor was the father who said they were escaping Diash, has warned others not to make the journey. So who is to blame”
1)   Diash for causing death and destruction in Syria
2)   The father for arranging the sea journey especially as his family were in a safe Country of Turkey
3)   German Chancellor Merkel and the German people for encouraging refugees to come to Europe
4)   The smugglers who have killed thousands
5)   The various Navy’s who have picked up survivors and not returned then to Turkey plus did not turn boats back
6)   The UN for not sending in UN troops to Turkey to capture the Smugglers and not sending in troops to beat Diash

The refuge problems will continue for Decades so how about building Refugee towns instead of Camps as one conflict is solved the people return and if there is another conflict starts there will be a safe haven and no economic migrant should be allowed in any country without proper paperwork

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