Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kick Brunei out

Brunei should be kicked out of the Commonwealth

Angry Christian and Jewish leaders across Britain have blasted the world for failing to protect persecuted Christians after it was revealed some are being threatened with jail if they celebrate Christmas.

The super-rich leader of Brunei (pictured) said anyone celebrating Christmas, including sending cards and putting up trees, will face up to five years in prison.


A former British colony, its authorities announced they will also fine revellers £13,420 for any ceremony which goes against Sharia law – which also includes using candles or crosses or even singing hymns and carols.

Somalia’s leading cleric re-issued a similar 2013 warning against Christmas, as well as new year celebrations.

Religious affairs minister, Sheikh Mohamed Khayrow, said: “All events related to Christmas and new year celebrations are contrary to Islamic culture.”

In China, which will soon take over America as the world’s largest Christian country, crosses adorning the outside of hundreds of churches have been taken down by the atheist Communist party.

The bishop of Leeds has had enough and accused the world of remaining silent following horrendous crimes against Christians this year, including churches being set on fire and worshippers jailed, murdered and beaten.

The Right Rev Nick Baines said women and girls had been forced into “sexual slavery and subjected to rape at will” just because of their faith.

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