Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cameron to Become GOD

Cameron is to make himself a GOD

I'll legalise gay marriage by 2015, vows Cameron: PM warns opponents from the Church 'not to lock people out'

Once again this very inadequate Prime Minister brings up the question of Same Sex Marriage as if there is nothing better to talk about. As most of you know I am against this, as I believe that and Bisexual behaviour is a perversion and excuse to get involved in perverse sexual activity with the consent of society. Yet I am pragmatic and realise that the Political Elite have decided that they want Gay Marriage no matter what the electorate want, for we no longer have true democracy in this country. We vote every now and again, we select our representative who then goes on to do what ever they want for 5 years.
Now a government can make a Civil Marriage a Legal Right but how can any man or Government usurp the will of GOD?   What right does a Government who most probably do not have any religious beliefs, tell us, who do have religious beliefs, how we should worship or what we think? DAVID CAMERON is becoming head of the thought Police! He make a modern day Inquisition where clergyman. Priests will be put in Prison for their belief they will become modern day Martyrs.
Certain fringe religions and I use the word fringe as they are normally born of some cult figure,  already allow same sex marriage if that is their belief so is it but to impose their beliefs on others is wrong.

Below are couple of quotes I got from readers

Yes Cameron, there are people with deeply held Christian views that are gay. The ones that I know have chosen a life of celibacy and are opposed to gay marriage. This is because their deeply held Christian views are rooted in what scriptures say!

This is starting to get scary. The economy is down the toilet, immigration is out of control, the Euro is in meltdown. Our PM thinks the most important thing to tackle is GAY MARRIAGE?????? Heaven help us!!!!!
I am convinced this Government is no better then Labour who got us into this mess as for allowing the LIBDEMS, who represent a small minority, have so much power has proved the downfall of this government. The only plus side is that I voted for Gordon Henderson and got a local MP who knows the area some much different form the last Labour MP. If the Conservatives do not get rid of Cameron the government will be Lib/Labour i.e. The same again

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