Thursday, July 05, 2012

Sack a Soldier

 So now our marvelous Coalition Governement are to cut right back on our Armed Forces, thats OK as long as we stop being the World Policeman and stick to defending our own people and property. Afghanistan in my opinion was a just invasioon it got the heart of terrorists who were preparing to attack us, but why get involved with Libya and why should we get involved in Syria. It seem the rest of World do not mind coming to GB and taking our jobs, is it not about time they stayed at home or do their bit in preseving World piece what ever that means.

So more Brits joining the ranks of the unemployed save money by sacking them from the Armed Forces then spend money on unemployment benefits some great thinking there.

Of course lets get more partime Soldiers to do the work let biuld up the Territorial Army. I have jsut been told a friend of mine employs a TA guy who has been ordered to call for duty for 3 weeks during the Olympic Games and in typical Army style he has to report some where up North. Reminds me of the tale my father told me in 1946 he was called up to do his National Service and being he was from Kent the obvious regiment to put him was the Durham Light Infantry.

Last week the Governement were shock to hear that 40% of workers working on the OLympics were foreign, the rest of the country has known this since the project started. A lot people are going to make millions out of this Oylmpics and guess who will be paying for it you guessed the Tax Payer

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