Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Isle of Wight

Back home tomorrow from Isle of Wight shall not be sorry the weather has been miserable very much some people on Face Book. The article on Andy Murray  I put on the Blog I also put on one of my Combat Face Books it was meant to be tongue in cheek and a bit of fun with some of my Scottish friends. Seems not! There were complaints that it should not have been put on the sight, Scotland needs to be free of the English and Northern poet even called my article crap, seems his vocabulary is rather limited to the “The Cat sat on the Mat”. On hindsight it was a mistake to put it their even though there were several articles on other sports including running. It seems my sense of humour goes above some people’s heads. So no more Scotsman, Irishman and Englishman jokes! unless they are very funny!

Can understand why people like the Isle of Wight the Island’s country side is like the countryside of England all wrapped up in one little Island, beautiful beaches, woodland, down land, valley’s and much more worth a visit. Mick Poole Top Judo and Sombo player who lives on the Island must have paid a fortune going over to the main land to compete, crossing that little bit of water is the most expensive sea crossing per mile you will ever encounter, if you want some stories of Isle of Wight Folk talk to Mick. Finished of our holiday by having a look at Ryde most probably one of the best seaside towns there is. Certainly will return

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