Monday, July 23, 2012

Indian-Oyster Festival-Good looking

Several months ago we had a group of 4 Sikhs guys join our Warriors Grappling Academy, for those who do not know the Sikhs have a tradition of World class wrestling, the four have fitted in well with the Academy and become an integral part of the club. I have always wanted to have a proper traditional Indian meal, well Jack and Dara organised a meal at one of their favourite Indian Restaurants in Gravesend but they selected the food which they like. It was fantastic best Indian I have ever had, what was the best part they paid for everything. Next will be to see a Kabbadi.

Nice day Sunday so thought have a visit to Oyster Festival at Whitstable no chance Park and Ride was full as was every car park so of to Herne Bay same problems had to come back to Brogdale for a bight to eat
The Sun brings out some pretty scantly dressed good-looking women but it also brings out some right porkers. Why does a women who weighs 13 stone plus dress like they are 9 stone, they look disgusting with their fat hanging out every where they ought to be interested for offending the eyes. Someone should tell them if you are big dress in loose clothing not tight fitting clothes and of course I have the perfect figure but you cannot see because I wear loose clothing

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