Monday, July 09, 2012

Isle of Wight-House of Lords-Englishman wins Wimbledon

Had a couple of reasonable days on the I of W Val wanted to go to some Zoo’s so was forced to trudge around not impressed with Wild Animal being in cages, have organized a trip to Longleat for some of the grand kids at least the animals have freedom. Why are all the non council roads full of pot holes?

On the political scene this House of Lords reform is the biggest con going those in favour especially the LibDems believe it is a step forwards for Democracy WHAT? Electing someone for 15 years, using the PR voting system which was rejected by the British Public in a referendum, using a political party system where you vote for a party not an individual? The reason the LIBDems want it is simply that the PR system will always produce coalition (what a mess that has made of this government) and the LibDems will always be the power brokers, something they cannot get any other voting system. With a major democratic change to the way this country is governed we need a referendum.

Here are couple of comments I the press today:

. Clegg has no mandate from the British People........ He is only interested in destroying the identity of this country. Considering he is only half British and married to a None British wife....... and Brown noses the EU.

Doesn't this just sum up the LibDems - still rearranging the lifeboats on the Titanic.

Andy Murray Scotlad loses wimbledon good job Englishman Jonny Marray wins Doubles

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