Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Immigration and Val's Back

Record levels of immigration lead to jam-packed England: As the population rockets to 56million, we are now officially the most crowded major country in Europe

Yet if you listen to the BBC they keep telling us this a good thing? They bring on so called experts who say foreign workers are needed to stimulate growth and make money. So having several millions of Brits unemployed is OK? Yes OK for Companies who get foreign workers working on the cheap and working long hours, they can take their massive profits to the Bank walking over the impoverished Brit. Yes OK for the Foreign worker who can live in over crowded accommodation at a cheap rate and send most of their money home without paying Tax and National Insurance. The argument that these parasitic Companies use is Brits will not work and do not have the skills; well they, the Government and Education system must take the blame for that for not training the work force. By all means bring in Foreign Labour if we had full employment and did not have a big enough work force but how can this be justified now with the Unemployment figures? Lets also not forget the Immigrants legal and illegal who are either not working or working illegally, they sponge of us by taking money form a country that have contributed nothing to. Yes the last government was to blame for this immigration problem with their open door policy but what has this excuse for a Prime Minister done to stop the problem NOTHING he is more interested in Lords Reform and Gay Marriage

Valerie hurt her back in the Garden, I have told her many times when lifting large bags of Mulch she should call me and I will explain that when you lift heavy things you should bend your knees and keep a straight back when lifting, I hope she remembers this in the future as she now can not mow the lawn.

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