Friday, July 13, 2012

Reply to Letter in Kent on Sunday

Dear Editor
 In July 9th edition Ray Duff wrote a letter extoling the virtues of Gay Marriage may I take this opportunity to correct some of his letter.

1)   He maintains that marriage has been codified by the 3 main religions well that would cover the majority of the people on this Earth. Most sovereign states and other jurisdictions limit marriage to two persons of opposite sex or gender in the gender binary, and some of these allow polygynous marriage. In the 21st century, several countries and some other jurisdictions have legalized same-sex marriage. In some cultures, marriage is recommended or compulsory before pursuing any sexual activity. So Gay Marriage is a very new concept while true marriage has been here for thousands of year
2)   Civil Partnership is a completely new legal relationship, exclusively for same-sex couples, distinct from marriage, this is the government interpretation not mine
3)   When he talks about Straight people I presume he means normal heterosexuals I then presume Gay people would be the opposite i.e. Bent
4)   Once you allow Gay people to marry you open the flood gates to all sorts of deviant forms of marriage i.e. Brother and Sister, marriage for Bisexuals meaning 3 people can wed each other, bigamy would be a thing of the past a man could take several wives legally. Before you say this can not happen Human Rights legislation, something the Gay Mafia use on a regular basis would be used to enforce it.
5)   He asks do I believe Former Chief Constable won his appointment because of his colour? The answer to that he nor I know, he could have done, that is the problem with positive discrimination as soon as Female, Gay or Ethnic person gets a job there are doubts they got it on ability. Positive Discrimination is an abomination and there is nothing positive about it. It discrimination against White Heterosexual Males, people should be judged on ability nothing else.
6)   He questions the authenticity of the last census stating not everyone filled in the question on sexuality, how does he know that? He doesn’t. He then suggests that surveys suggest most people agree with Gay Marriage are they the same survey which interview only 2000 people in areas like Brighton
This not about justice and equality it is about a militant minority trying to dominate and control the majority

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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