Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A Fat Pig Replies

Been to Hospital about my sleep Apnea. Once again I am told I am a Fat Overweight Pig who needs to control himself, well that s not quite what they said they phrased it I am Obese and consume too much alcohol and eat all the wrong food plus I do not excise enough. Yet when I explain to them I have always been big because of Judo, Sombo, Weightlifting etc. and I am quite aware that eating and drinking too much puts on weight. I then try to explain what I do eat; I also tell them being an International Sportsman for over 30 years I do have the will power and determination to achieve things.

So what do I eat a typical day

Breakfast 10am Porridge and Banana
Snack 2pm Chicken leg
Dinner 5pm Potatoes, Peas grilled Fish Strawberries and cream
Supper 10pm Tin of fish
Drink 2 cups Tea 3 coffees Water
Fruit 2 oranges or apples

Alcohol Saturday night only 2 small beers Treble Whiskey and water, Double Gin and water that is approx. 9 units

I train 5 days a week a minimum of 1 hour a day

When I show them this their eyes glaze over in disbelief and the reply is well your potions are to Big! Your weight should be 12 stone 7lbs not 23 stone, I said that I have not been that weight since I was 13 well try and make 15 stone so back to the weight I was at 17. Can you not see I am on a diet but the weight is only coming off in ounces lost 7lb in 6 months? Well you may have to have a gastric band they say, what does that do I asked, it stops you eating too much! Well what am I doing now I reply?

The mask is doing me a power of good but when will the medical profession start to realise that there is no such thing as the Average person. The one thing you learn when you become a coach is that you try and find something to praise your student up before attacking their weak spots, this way you keep them in a positive mood. I came away completely depressed what they should have said to me was well done Mr Clarke you are doing extremely well but we do need to push a little bit further. Because of my training I can recover very quickly mentally as well as physically and use what they have said to push myself onwards but I wonder what other FAT PIGS would feeling like after coming away from the integration.

One thing that really pleased me was “You are getting Old” yes and don’t I know it. Oh and my Chest is still bigger then my belly

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