Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cash in Hand is bad for the Country

Paying a cleaner in cash 'is morally wrong': Minister says families who settle bills cash-in-hand are as bad as tax avoiders

We all know not paying VAT is wrong but why is it Mr. & Mrs. Ordinary are always the ones being attacked by this and any Government. Some one who has some small jobs done in there house for say £1000 then has to pay the Government a further £200 in VAT. Not that I am suggesting avoiding VAT because that is really an evil thing to do and can see the collapse of the economy Bla, Bla. Yet the same Government is wasting millions, the speaker of the house had a shower screen put in for £1.5 thousand, it was reported that Nick Clegg spent a £million on advisors, what about the billions spent on Foreign aid to countries like India who have their own space programme, what about MP’s corruption, greedy bankers who do not even get prosecuted, there is one rule for the rich and famous and one for us peasants. Mr. & Mrs. Ordinary saving of £200 will most probably go to buying something else like FOOD or paying the mortgage.

The Conservative are returning to a pre war party of Millionaires and toffs, the problem is the alternative Labour and LibDems are exactly the same. Let return to a Grocers Daughter or even a Grammar School boy running the country, some one who understands Mr. & Mrs., Ordinary

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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