Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Mother not a Soldier

I know I am very old fashioned in a lot of my views but I always thought that Mothers first duty was to her children to love care and protect them. Yet I continually read in the paper about how a lot of so called professional women return to work with in weeks of having a child and handing their children to qualified strangers, then there are those women who have aspiration to be men take for an example a recent article appeared in the news about a mother with two very young children going of to Afghanistan to fight. The newspaper treated her as a hero I did not! Some years ago a young mother wanted to climb a very dangerous mountain she died in the process again she was treated as a hero, no she wasn’t. She along with the others was a very selfish woman who put their own interest before their children and family. Some of you may say well let the Husband stay at home or the Grand parent’s can look after the kids but we all know there is nothing like a Mothers love and caring a substitute is not good enough. If these women want a career or want to fight wars or become manlike OK but why have children? As soon as you have children you should realise they come first maybe not always but in their young years they should and I include the same responsibility to Fathers

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