Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Barclays Bank Rubbish

What rubbish Bank Barclays Bank is they closed our BSF and IBF account claiming it was dormant on August 24 yet on August 20 I was to told to use the account as all our signatures had been changed and they accept a £650 cash deposit in September.  Telephoning their 0845 number cost me £50 because no one knew how to answer my questions. Eventually I was directed to an online claim form, which I filled in on approx. September 25, today I have been told I will have to wait a further 3 months before they will respond to my request. What an inefficient Bank this is, it is a wonder how their management can warrant being paid Hundreds of Thousands of pounds. Best advice to get rid of your Barclays Accounts. Needless to say I have made a complaint to the Ombudsman

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